Nirvana Life

A brand-new concept of Health, Wellness, Networking and Co-working, A Social Club, focusing on improving Lives and 'Life'

Creating inspirational safe and inclusive luxury wellness and social hubs that prioritize safety, inclusivity, and comfort, are the best places in the world to connect, network, and make friends.

Our luxury city hubs (coming soon) and wellness clubs offer members and guests a holistic experience and spaces with world class fitness, yoga retreat and recovery facilities and services that include work and relaxation, cultural immersion, social interaction, and private development and self-discovery.

With a hugely diverse market we provide a wide range of accessible activities, classes, workshops, and experiences lead by our world- class coaches, experts, and practitioners who are approachable and guide our guests.

Our hubs play an important role in creating safe and nurturing environments for people to connect, network, meet friends, and build relationships in an ever-changing and digital world. Allowing travelers and members to live better whatever their activity, sport and health and fitness goals are. Gaining greater strength, flexibility, and mobility, making daily life easier, more enjoyable, and healthier allowing to perform better at work , home and in life.

With an emphasizing inclusivity, diverse programming, and guest safety, our centers improve the overall wellness and lifestyle of day-to-day living and life experience and contribute to the well-being of our guests, truly improving their lives. Connecting for social and wellness is more than a trend; it is a transformative approach to living, working, and travelling that combines health, wellness, and human connection… for a better life.. Nirvana Life


Nirvana Kitchen is the place for foodies who love to eat healthy and clean. Our menu has been carefully selected to offer a little something for everyone whilst using fresh local ingredients, himalayan pink salt, little to no refined sugar and only Olive or Coconut oils.

Nirvana Transformation Packages

Personalized Training Plan For You!

Whether your gym fitness goals are to gain muscle, lose fat, improve your mobility, or reduce aches and pains, our Nirvana Transformation Package will help you get back on track in your fitness journey.

Breathwork and Ice bath Workshop

6th & 31st December, 2023

You will learn different breathing techniques that can help you improve your immune system, regulate your nervous system, and alter the state of your mind and body to how you want it to be in your daily life.

B-Movement with Bradley Terrell

8th - 17th December, 2023

The first of its kind movement training and certification course is designed to enhance your movement development by focusing on the Foundations of Movement, Joint Mobility and Flow.


The Sober Party Experience
16th December, 2023

5 hours of Healing entertainment, upward spiral partying. A party that’s good for your mind, body and spirit and the Earth! Fun AND healthy, the combination for super SELF EMPOWERMENT.