Welcome to Nirvana

A fitness and wellness club for athletes of all levels

Nirvana is a centre of excellence. With over 80 world class and breathtaking classes on our weekly schedule we offer something for everyone.

Work on your weaknesses and balance your training. No matter your activity or sport, we will help you perform better. Yogis will gain greater strength, flexibility and mobility, athletes will train the specific skills related to their sport, MMA fighters will become more flexible and gain greater mobility in the joints and surfers will increase their muscular endurance and stamina. We will help you gain real results that will be realised quickly

Offering the highest quality sports equipment in Bali complementing the support of our professional coaches, a cafe and restaurant serving nourishing food and beverages that will aid your healthy lifestyle and a luxury recovery centre to assist your recuperation, Why just go to a Gym in Bali when you can access Nirvana’s holistic approach to longevity, setting you on your way to a new Healthy Lifestyle.


Nirvana Kitchen is the place for foodies who love to eat healthy and clean. Our menu has been carefully selected to offer a little something for everyone whilst using fresh local ingredients, himalayan pink salt, little to no refined sugar and only Olive or Coconut oils.

Nirvana Transformation Packages

Personalized Training Plan For You!

Whether your fitness goals are to gain muscle, lose fat, improve your mobility, or reduce aches and pains, our Nirvana Transformation Package will help you get back on track in your fitness journey

Therapeutic Breathwork

19 September, 2023

Using Conscious Connected Breath you will experience your emotional awareness, your nervous system coming into balance and tap into your deep wisdom/clarity.

Series of Group Hypnosis Sessions

21 September, 2023

Our carefully designed group hypnosis sessions are aimed at optimising your performance, breaking through limitations, and fostering a deep sense of wellbeing.

Cacao Ceremony

24 September, 2023

Make a lasting impression on the world around you. When women come together, powerful things happen. We are meant to live in a tribe and support each other on this journey called life.

Full Moon Sound Healing

30 September, 2023

You will be in the state of relaxation. Good for reducing anxiety, stress, tension in the body & mind, and increasing quality of sleep.