Nirvana Strength provides the best facilities and exceptional trainers for everything from group fitness programs to highly effective personal training.

When you can access a holistic center of excellence for strength, mobility, longevity, and sports, why would you simply go to a gym?


From Yoga to Meditation, and dance to Pilates our newly renovated Yoga and dance studio is a serine oasis. The studio is especially beautiful at sunset, where you can undertake your practice overlooking the rice fields, for a true Bali experience.

In addition to yoga, the area is used for a wide range of classes like Fitness and wellbeing and movement classes such as dance, MIA YOGA and Pilates.


Our State of the Art Sports recovery centre provides excellent facilities to help you unlock your performance. Taking the time to recover fully can significantly affect whether or not you’ll reach your goals.

Nirvana has all the facilities that you need to optimize your recovery both mentally and physically to get the most out of your performance.


The best diet, in our opinion, is one that emphasises highly nutritious whole foods, encourages calorie and macro awareness, reduces digestive inflammation, and is sustainable enough to promote long-term lifestyle change.

Nirvana Kitchen is located at the front of the main Nirvana building in Canggu, Bali.