10 of Canggu’s Coworking space near me

  • Zin Cafe and Coworking space

A beautiful location, just 3-minutes to Batu Bolong Beach. Zin offers a total of 3-floors of Coworking, cafe and restaurant spaces with a rooftop offering an ocean view. They have plug sockets located everywhere and an Average to good Internet speed (By Bali standards). And it’s FREE to use if you order some food and beverages while watching the Sunset Canggu.

  • Kinship Studio

A coworking space Canggu in the style of a warehouse or industrial building that is enclosed yet roomy, well-air conditioned, and has a relaxed, welcome vibe.

There are plenty of open space nomads seated around four enormous tables and couches that have plenty of plugs sockets

They offer super fast WI-FI, 4 x meeting rooms and a small coffee shop that offers tasty Tea and coffee options. There are no food options, but on the plus side, they will allow you to order from Go-Jek and have it delivered.

  • Outpost Canggu

A brand-new, bright place with a Balinese, beach-house vibe. In the centre of the “other side” of Canggu, Outpost is a light-filled, open, and roomy coworking space situated above stores and eateries.  A welcoming atmosphere (where individuals occasionally engage in conversation), lots of desks, Skype booths, and quaint tiny nooks perfect for working on beanbags or…taking a quick snooze!

They offer High-speed Internet, private offices that you can book and mailing service.

  • Tropical Nomad

A more recent coworking space on beautiful grounds with lots of palm trees.  This space allows you excellent access to everywhere in Canggu and is situated in the heart of Canggu Bali, between Batu Bolong Beach and Berawa Beach the two main beaches that make up Canggu Beach.

The grounds and amenities are spacious, airy, contemporary, and full of light, creating a quiet yet calming background ambience ideal for a productive remote work session. This makes the later beachfront rum & coconuts at Sandbar all the more satisfying.

  • Nebula Coworking Space Canggu

For entrepreneurs and remote employees, the Nebula CoWorking Space Bali offers a dynamic and collaborative environment. It offers contemporary amenities, adaptable offices, and a welcoming community in the heart of Canggu. Nebula is a haven for creativity and productivity in paradise with gorgeous views and a relaxed atmosphere.

  • B-work Coworking Bali

One of the most lavish coworking spaces in Canggu is B Work Bali. A spacious, luxurious coworking space has a full-service cafe, an entrance cafe designed after a metropolitan library, and a chat-friendly coworking room.

Beyond the private access doors, there are three further levels of hot desk coworking for quiet focused work, each with a different mood, as well as ten private conference booths that can be reserved (1 hour daily included with memberships) and a fully equipped recording studio with lights and a green screen.

  • Genesis Creative Centre

If you’re a creator of any kind, whether you’re experienced or just starting out, drop by Genesis Creative Centre for a coworking Bali experience that will definitely spark your imagination. It is a dedicated creative hub with its own recording, painting, fashion, and photography facilities for the future generation of nomads. It’s a location where you may brainstorm, create, and complete your upcoming project while exchanging ideas with other members in the library lounge. Additionally, you can participate in Genesis’ workshops and seminars while mingling with Canggu’s most artistic population.

  • Finns Recreation Club

Finns Rec Club is so much more than simply a coworking space; it’s a living centre with one of Canggu’s most complete environments for work-life balance. There are all the meeting spaces and workspaces you could possibly need, together with high-speed Wi-Fi, a library, regular seminars, and a posh business centre where wearing a collared shirt or a Montblanc pen wouldn’t be out of place. This is how coworking should be done.

  • Tribal Bali

Tribal is a one-stop community hub where you can work, play, and stay in Canggu. It is Bali’s first purpose built coworking hostel. Since there are no membership costs, it is a completely inclusive coworking atmosphere where people from all walks of life may mingle in a lovely, airy open-plan setting. Additionally, you can adjust your work environment to your mood thanks to booths, whiteboards, and a large number of sat and standing desks. There is also a sizable infinity pool for unwinding after meetings, a pink pool table for socialising over lunch, and, of course, an all-day breakfast and lunch menu to munch the workday away.

  • Nirvana Kitchen

The newly renovated Nirvana Kitchen is located within the Nirvana Life facility at the front of the building.
It offers super fast WI-FI, delicious Superfood Canggu Food and beverage options, luxurious comfort, and best of all, If you’re a Nirvana Life member then the space is free for you to use.

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