Big Breath Series with Big Joe


Join us for intimate hands-on events to learn more about meditation + breathwork in a safe, nurturing environment.

April 27th (Saturday) / May 5th (Sunday)
6.30 pm – 8.00 pm
Members: IDR 200,000++
Non Members: IDR 300,000++

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Meet Big Joe

From playing in the NFL to guiding breathwork around the world and leading international wellness retreats, Big Joe has tangible life experiences that provide insight + techniques to heal, and bring balance to your life.

Born and raised in California, Joseph Fauria (aka Big Joe) began his yoga practice in 2009 while playing football at UCLA before playing in the NFL.

After 4 years in the NFL, a severe ankle injury altered his life’s course and ended a lifelong commitment to the sport. Anxiety & depression became frequent combatants to a once joyous and purposeful existence, and Big Joe knew he needed to bring meaning back into his life.

In 2018, Big Joe embarked upon his spiritual journey, which eventually led to adding meditation and breathwork into his daily practice.

Allow. Accept. Surrender

Over the last 5 years Big Joe has expanded his education, while receiving 3 different certifications as a facilitator for trauma release breathwork and various ancient pranayama techniques. He has learned alongside shamanic healers, native tribe leaders and led different modalities of breathwork & pranayama to heal and empower others.

Big Joe has guided breathwork with souls all over his hometown in LA and other cities in the United States—he also has travelled internationally to guide classes in places including Bali, Japan, France, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, the UK and more!

With a musical background and experience with dancing after touchdowns, Big Joe will guide you to peace of mind, deepen the connection with your body, and breathe in all the potential for a purpose-driven life.


The Story Behind Big Breath

“After my introduction to Mindfulness with Meditation, I came to a plateau of feeling, understanding and clarity. Breathwork shook up the mundane, and monotonous and gave me something tangible, exciting and undeniable that I began to look forward to.

Breathwork has:
– helped me cope & heal from the violent nature of my former sport, football
– allowed me to feel, work through, and heal deep emotional pain
– gives me a chance to process the litany of emotions that pass through each of us everyday
– gave me more confidence and hope
– gave me presence and peace

In short, breathwork has saved my life. It’s my goal to bring this level of healing and excitement to each of my students—whether they are just starting out on their breathwork journey or are well into their healing path.”

Big Love,
Big Joe

The Benefits of Breathwork (Picture of breathwork class with Big Joe)


Why is it so important to take a big breath?

Stress Relief
Breathwork can reduce stress and anxiety, along with promoting healthy sleep habits, increasing energy, and creating new neural pathways.

Breathwork can boost creativity by clearing stagnant energy within the body and stimulating the release of dopamine and serotonin.

Improved Health
Breathwork has the ability to stimulate & massage the vagus nerve, help balance hormones, support addiction recovery and so much more.

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