Ice Bath and Breathwork with Kemie


13rd March 2024 | 12.00PM – 04.00PM
Ice bath, breathwork meditation, sound healing workshop

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You will learn different breathing techniques that can help you improve your immune system, regulate your nervous system, and alter the state of your mind and body to how you want it to be in your daily life.

During the workshop you will breathe to tap into your subconscious mind to release and let go any stored negative memories, emotions and stagnant energies. This allow ourselves to create space to rewire our brains and dissolve the limiting beliefs we built ourselves. Followed by journaling for self integration then Sound healing to ground ourselves after the release from breathing.

Then afterwards we will have the opportunity to share our experience in a circle, a safe space where we can be vulnerable and support each other as we learn the art of truly LISTENING

Last but not the least we will experience the power of the Ice!

Cold therapy is becoming a popular trend because of it’s surprising health benefits, not only for your body (decrease inflammation, improve immune system, regulate nervous system etc.) but also for the health of your mind (improve cognitive function, confidence level, as well decrease anxiety, stress, depression etc.)

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